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Russia everyone who's natural born curiosity brought to my profile page. Before telling anything I would like to tell that I am not an artist in "visual" arts.
Have a few passions in life, not many, yet enough to sustain my sanity and critical thinking. Unusually open to sentimental and cute concepts and characters.
Feel free to address me in any of the soon to be mentioned ways: Bently96, bently, Robert, Ruhig, that one annoying guy. )
On a small, impolite side note. Please do not take the time to watch me or give me virtual luxuries such as lamas. I understand this is a well thought plan to make me visit your page due to duty concerns (and eventually watch you as well), but ^^; I watch only those who might interest me though their personality, or skills.

"But he falls not as he did once
From his height into swells:
-"What matters thee, clod of dust, if
'Tis me or some one else?

You live in your sphere's narrowness
And luck rules over you -
But in my steady world I feel
Eternal, cold and true!"
by Mihai Eminescu

Happy Rarity by PinkiePizzles Rarity and Starcraft Battlecruiser Unit Portrait by Yudhaikeledai Clapping Pony Icon - Rarity by TariToons Rarity Stamp by jewlecho ALMIRANTE ARTANIS by xxxtaskerzeroxxx The saddest song in the world's smallest violin by Pony-Slayer
Stolen from :icondaliawolfsoul: It looks entertaining )

Name: Robert Calancea Eduard 
Nickname: Bently96, RollsRocker
Location: the moment
Age: 18
Height: 1m 86cm
Zodiac sign: Pisces )
Any pets: Do 2 smaller brothers count ? Joke ;)
Favorite thing about yourself: Knowledge, hard work and passion over chances, luck and ignorance
Worst habit: I masturbate....A LOT. Deal with it !
Fun fact: 5 languages, musical education and martial arts. Like being busy, but hate being tired after being busy ^^;

Identity, Sexuality & Personality

Gender identity: Male
Sexual preference: Straight.....and sapiosexual....
Romantic preference: Walks under the moon, chats and jokes
"Kinsey Scale" score: What in the name of sanity is that ?!
Relationship status: Undesired and alone. Lots of kind and nice female friends though ^^
Personality type: At the very verge between strong sanguinic and choleric 


"Early Bird" or "Night Owl": Both ! Usually wake up at 6AM and go to bed at 11/12 PM.
Bath or shower: Shower
First thought in the morning: Alright world.....give me your best shot....
Last thought before falling asleep at night: That should teach you a lesson world !


Do you work or are you a student: Student
What do you do good: Enjoy lots of stuff actually :) But I have a soft spot for languages, history, and psychology )
Where do you see yourself in 5 years: Ever growing and self perfecting. Well educated and payed accordingly. Home, loving family....or at least a seed of a family ^^ 

Habits (Do you…?)

Drink: Not quite....more of a degustator. Never drank soft drinks like beer or "folk" oriented ones like vodka, but like to taste well aged alcoholic beverages avoiding any undesired inebriation.
Smoke: That's a negatory
Do Drugs: No
Exercise: Taekwondo, jogging, and......
Have a go-to comfort food: Tea and grapes
Have a nervous habit: I consult my little angel and devil asking then in public what attitude should I have for the current contingency. 

What is your favourite…?

Physical quality (in yourself): I am tall, heavy, and have ample chest hair :3
In Others: That indescribable feeling of life ^^;
Mental/emotional quality (in yourself): I question everything, try to see good in bad and vice versa.
Food: Grapes :D 
Drink: The after products of the above ;) Tea and water.
Animal: Equines, and partly canines.
Artist/Band/Group: Tchaikovsky, Rainbow (metal band), Iron Maiden......tons really, both classical and otherwise. Music is too complex and large as to be described by an artist or band name ^^;
Author/Poet: Jules Vernes, Isaac Asimov, Paulo Coelho, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde ! 
TV Show: Doctor Who, Prison Break, The News (very entertaining to watch ;) )
Actor/Actress: Christoph Waltz, Charlie Chaplin, Rowand Atkinson, Alfred Hawthorne
Blogger: Don't have any solid choice....or bloggers to choose from ^^;

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KudretKundaci Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your art is really nice. Well done. I cant draw ponies like that (not that I've tried too hard).
bently96 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Thank you very much for the kind words ^_^
Well, I am still a noob, and maybe won't draw again ^^
But you art is also very nice. Good shading : D
KudretKundaci Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do not be discouraged enough to not draw again. When I was littler, I used to hate this site. Because there were so many people that drew better than I. I still deal with confidence issues occasionally, but you need to understand a few things:

1.) No matter what, even if you see or don't see it, there will always be people better than you.
2.) Just because people draw "better" doesn't mean you have to strive to be like them. As you practice, you get better and better at your own style. And as it gets better, people will reassure you of that.
3.) Thinking you're a noob and/or cant draw just makes you feel worse. You need to think: well, I'm still new, but that's a great thing! Why? Because there is a myriad of things I can learn to get even better!

I hope those words help. Never give up on what you like to do. I've been looking at tons of tutorials lately.
bently96 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Hehe, thank you so mch for the encouragement words ^_^
No, you don't worry, you're a very good aritst :) 
Actually, I don't suffer from those problems ^^; I enjoy(ed) drawing :D ....I just have surgery in a couple of days and my university starts soon, that's all ^^
But thanks a ton for the good words ^_^
(1 Reply)
zilvart Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my im your 11000th page viewer. just happened to click and your pg view count got to 11000:D
bently96 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hehe, that's nice : D
Oh my, I know amazing artists who unfortunately have less views ^^; Shame on you internet, appreciate good artists, not bums XD
Anyhow, thanks ^_^
I wish I could give anything, but as stated above...I am pretty much a bum ^^ All I can do is hug XD
zilvart Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i visit you atleast once per day^^ because to be kind and we are friends^^ and to see if you posted any new drawings^^
bently96 Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Hehe, thanks ^_^
Unfortunately, I am at the moment too busy to draw :( Prepare to leave for Uni.....and have a surgery skeduled the next week....those drawings may as well be my last :(
Sorry if I dragged you a bit in my problems ^^;
And thanks for the care ^^
(1 Reply)
KazukiCookie44 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hey can you give me a heads up on what this means?
Я обожаю свое искусство, и вы большой друг
Thanks! :)
bently96 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014
"I love my art (though I suppose he means "your art"), and you're a great friend." :)
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