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Hello dear reader :)
As the title says, today's my birthday !!
I am sorry if I bothered your profile page, but wait a little, this is only once a year, I deserve it ;) (I think....)
So, this is a special one.....18 years, full "legal" physical and jurisdictional maturity. Can legally drink, drive.....and do...other stuff...ladies, this is for you ;) Just in case....I still mean driving....
Yet, I honestly don't feel any better. As I was an odd I remain. And honestly, I love it )
Some might say that the part part of my life is just ahead, other may say just the opposite. Nonetheless, life has, and always bring up challenges, and it is our duty, and sane belief, that challenges exist in order to be taken, and achieved ;)
Boy, what a year....
So many good things..... so many bad things.....yet so many good ones :)
Passed TOEFL, DALF, driving rights and so on......then there is a cheating long-term girlfriend (heart breaking really, just 4 days ago :( ), a huge life changing exam, and a serious surgical operation ahead.
Life is just so diverse, what do you know. You take something you give something ;)
Personally, despise losses, I try to see good in bad, and sometimes, even vice versa )
Point being...I wanted to adress my sincere thanks to the dA community. ^_^
So many good interactions with so many fantastic artists, intelligent, and downright nice people :)   You guys are individually and collectively awesome to me ;) Thank you for your support, and just nice time here :)
A few of you have already congratulated me, and another few really great guys gave me a few presents here :>  You rock know I talk about you right ?....don't make me mention your name here ;)
So......thanks to everyone kind and patient enough to read this note. Have a nice year ^_^
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Ebony-Inke Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Bday! <3
bently96 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
Thank you so very much ^_^
Quite an honor to be congratulated by an artist like you :hug:
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March 20, 2014


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